August 8, 2011

Playing with the Monkey Boy

He wasn't happy about having his picture taken in the car.

I spent the better part of today with Monkey Boy. We were out early to replace a lost driver's license, so he can insure and drive the car he just bought over in Germany. Then we stopped at a few phone stores before finally ending up at Wal-Mart to get him a pay as you go phone for his time here. We stopped for breakfast, then ran through Costco before heading back home.

Once groceries were put away it was time to hit the Y. Monkey Boy works out 6 days a week. He runs the occasional 5-miler, but mostly what he does is lift. Today he did my workout, which was a 45 minute swim, then a half hour run. After a few pointers on a more efficient stroke, I was working to keep up with him. He says he was working to keep up with me, which is nice but I'm not sure I believe him. Either way, I swam harder than I normally do, which was good.

After 45 minutes in the pool, I was ready to switch over to running. The point of running after swimming is to get used to running tired. It certainly worked today! I'd brought my iPad with a few podcasts loaded, since my regular running music player didn't get charged after Saturday's sweatfest. I think I might run to podcasts more often. I listened to a "How Stuff Works" podcast about Stephen Hawking which was very interesting. It kept me occupied through my half hour run at 5 mph, which is still goal pace. Monkey Boy did some sprints for a while, then hopped off the treadmill. Next thing I know, he's doing push-ups on one side, then the other side of a medicine ball. Impressive to watch.

After our workout, we came home and showered, then went out for more groceries. He should be all set for the better part of his time here, with what we bought. Next thing I knew, he was off again. He had a date with Ninja to work out. Two-a-days will certainly work off all the excess calories one consumes on vacation!

After Monkey Boy left, I got a chance to talk with Superman, who is still in Germany. He is supposed to come home tomorrow, but the air traffic controllers where he is are threatening to strike, which may delay his flight out.

Right now, I'm taking a break from writing a paper, which is due in approximately 3 hours. After spending the better part of yesterday with Ninja, then going out with Monkey Boy and the fam, then spending today with Monkey Boy, I'm scrambling a bit to get things done. I'm happy, but scrambling.

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