October 6, 2011

More Progress


It took over 8 hours, but everything I intended to paint today, I painted. I almost had to paint the back bedroom ceiling twice, because I ran out of paint and the store my Dad buys his paint from changed brands since he purchased the last batch. The ceiling paint I had was an off-white with a bluish-grey tint. The ceiling paint available was a bright white. You can believe I squeezed every last ounce of the original paint out of the roller and pan, to cover the 3x4 area I had left. The back bedroom closet ceiling is the bright white. Not that anyone will notice. The sewing room and master bedroom will also have to be the bright white. Not that anyone will notice.

I forgot to take after pics of the back bedroom, but it looks just like this:
which is to say, back to the way it looked before the electrician. Almost. I still have to redo the woodwork. That's Tuesday's project. Wednesday I will put everything back together so it's livable again, then get started on the sewing room. We can't move everything into the front bedroom from the basement until we move everything that belongs in the sewing room back out of the hallway.

Tomorrow, I run. I'm so excited, I'm thinking of doing 10 miles @ 5mph pace on the treadmill. That's 2 hours of running, which may be excessive 2 days before a race. I did do well with a longer run a few days prior to my last race, where I PR'd. I'm pretty sure I painted all that week, too.

This weekend is also a wedding weekend. Superman acts as photographer at friends and family weddings about once a year. I get to play photographer's assistant, eat good food at both the rehearsal dinner and reception, then dance all night. Well not all night, since I have to show up at Energizer Bunny's house about 6:15 Sunday morning.

I'm hoping to squeeze some apple picking in as well.

Should be an interesting weekend.

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