October 5, 2011

Back at it

Why do I always paint the week prior to a race?

Ceilings in the kitchen, front bedroom, and both bedroom closets, plus back bedroom repairs primered yesterday. Today I primered the back bedroom ceiling, then painted everything I primered yesterday. Tomorrow I paint the back bedroom ceiling, the repairs in the back bedroom, and the entire front bedroom + closet.

Friday I have to run, because I do not run when I am painting. It takes too much out of me. If I do not run Friday and Saturday, though, I will be stiff and achy Sunday for the Towpath Half Marathon. I'm already on a mission to PR so I don't keep the Energizer Bunny waiting too long at the finish. Considering how my long runs have gone lately, I'm not really sure that's possible. I keep going out too fast and burning up before I hit double digits.

Superman keeps talking about going out to breakfast after the race. More incentive to run fast!

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