July 17, 2012

The week of insanity begins!

All photos credited to Superman (except the ones I say are mine).

The week of insanity started off Saturday night, with Super Sayan Man's birthday. We met at TGIF and ended at karaoke. Go figure!
Superman likes to get all artistic with the light.
He does this well.
Finding a song at the new (to me) karaoke joint
The birthday boy!

Sunday morning, Superman and I were supposed to take our first yoga class. We purchased 20 classes each, for less than $2.50 per class, from Groupon. The deal is we have to use them within 6 months of the first time we go, though, which means we have to commit to going every week. So far, the schedule has not been conducive to that commitment, so we keep pushing back the start date. We have until October to start, and I'm beginning to think that's exactly when we will.

While we were not attending yoga, my nephew (The Paleontolgist) celebrated his 5th birthday at the park. Luckily for me, this was one of two parties. He celebrated with family later in the day.

I'll let the pictures tell the story:
My long lost cousin T and her new husband
with Superman in the background!
T's sister Lizzie
T & Lizzie's dad
I took these last 3 photos on my cell phone, to add them to the newly acquired contact information I'd just received. These are the "Parma People," for whom I don't yet have nicknames. The Dad is the son of my grandmother's brother, on my father's side. To us, they are just "family" and possibly "cousins." We lost track of them probably 30 years ago, and have only recently become re-acquainted.

Aunt Gertie rode the motorcycle in from Florida,
arriving Saturday evening.
The birthday boy!
And flying!
Sister EB got in on the flight action, too
It's never dull, our family gatherings!
Yesterday the family went out to my Aunt's to meet a cousin from my mother's side, whom we haven't seen in 25 years. He lives on the other side of the country, so that is a little more understandable than the Parma People situation. Starting work at 10am rocks, but getting off at 6:30 makes meeting up an hour or more away just a little difficult. I would have arrived at dinner about when everyone was starting to think about getting home. Actually from what I hear it wasn't quite like that, but it still would have been an hour+ drive, to stay an hour+, to turn around and drive an hour+ home. Luckily, this cousin is in town for the week, and I will meet him tonight at another dinner.

I could say the festivities have screwed with my running, but that would be a lie. Well, maybe yesterday's run I can blame on the party food from Sunday. Today's lack of run I'm blaming on the heat which kept me from sleeping most the night. At this point I'm calling this a "step-back" week and not pushing myself to run. I've been building mileage the last few weeks, and while that mileage is not considerable by anyone's measure, my body begs to differ. I will still run this week, but not long and not hard. At least until Saturday, when I fully intend to attempt another 10 miler. I know you can't wait to hear all about THAT.

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